Sometimes the Zimbra documentation can be less then good.

I recently decided to make a move away from my old bad VPS provider to a dedicated host. Over to the good people at Hetzner , they where recommended by a friend of mine. Anyways enough of the spam.

If you need to move your Zimbra server to a different host but same DNS host-name, theres is a few things you need to do in addition to the normal cold backup method.

Hear is what I did.

1) Stop the Zimbra server, ensure all  Zimbra process, this works well after zmcontrol :

# zmcontrol stop
# pkill -9 -u zimbra

2) Tar up /opt/zimbra , ensure you grab all permissions.

# tar -zcvpf zimbra-migration.tgz /opt/zimbra

3) On the new server to a "Software Only Install". Ensure you are using the same install tarball as the old server install!

# ./ -s

4) Remove everything in /opt/zimbra

# cd /opt/zimbra
# rm -rf *

5) Untar the backup we made into /opt/zimbra :

# cd/opt
# tar -zxvf zimbra-migration.tgz .

6) Find the PID of the zimbra user  in /etc/passwd then update the localconf.xml with the new PID : Look for the "zimbra_uid" section

# vim /opt/zimbra/conf/localconf.xml

6) Fix the permissions I had to fix one addition folder to : Run the zimbra tool first.

# /opt/zimbra/libexec/zmfixperms --extended -verbose

I also had to fix this :

# chown zimbra:root -R /opt/zimbra/jetty/logs/

7) Start up zimbra the normal way and check the logs :

# su - zimbra
# zmcontrol start

All logs are in "/opt/zimbra/log/"  main ones are "mailbox.log" "zmconfigd.log" but check them all!

8) Last thing is to update the allowed relay hosts, otherwise  you get this error :

"554 5.7.1 : Relay access denied

Where "MYHOST.COM" is your host name  and"" is your servers IP :

# zmprov modifyServer MYHOST.COM zimbraMtaMyNetworks ''

9) Restart zimbra and checks all the logs again. Also check the zimbra users crontab to ensure its populated correctly.


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