Home Systems

I have a small collection of different machines at my home.

I am very interested in different hardware architectures and hardware in general.
Before I moved to Hong Kong I had an even larger collection of machines.
You can take a look at my Systems archive on Flicker.

  • Ru 39 contains ISP modems
  • Ru 37 contains my home built OpenBSD router
  • Ru 34 is my Cisco 3560G
  • Ru 31 is a Sun T5120
  • Ru 28 is a dual Intel Sossaman (converted SuperMicro X6DLP)
  • Ru 24 is just a rack shelf
  • Ru 20 is my Itanium 2 (converted HP zx2000)
  • Ru 16 is a Dual Opteron (Motherboard is a Supermicro H8DME-2)
  • Ru 13 is a Dual CPU PA-RISC HP j6750
  • Ru 11 is an Intel NUC(First Gen) + an Audio-gd Ref-5.32 DAC
  • Ru 08 is an Audio-gd Master 9 headphone amp
  • Ru 05 is a DDS4 LVD SCSI tape for the PA-RISC machine
  • Ru 01 is a IBM power 6 p520

I also have a few dev boards.