Hears my new 42ru rack, holds all  my kit with lots of air circulation.

You can see the full set of images on my flicker.

From top to bottom :

  • ISP's modem on the left (vdsl2+ 100/30mbit)  and a Buffalo wifi AP running dd-wrt on the right
  • Cisco 1812 terminating the PPPoE session from the above modem.
  • Cisco 3500XL 48 port switch
  • Sun Sparc Neta X1 running OpenBSD
  • Dual Intel sossaman , socket 479 ,  Supermicro board X6DLP-EG2. Running Gentoo
  • Just a rack shelf :)
  • Custom HP zx2000 Itanium2 workstation. I modded it into a 4ru rack case.  Running OpenVMS,HP-UX and Gentoo
  • Dual Opteron 2214, Supermicro board H8DME-2. Running ESXi 5
  • HP J6750 Dual PA-risk 2.0  750mhz. Running HP-UX and Gentoo.
  • IBM Power 4+ 275 workstation dual core 1.4ghz . Running AIX 5.5 and Gentoo.
  • Next to the IBM is a Dell DDS 4 Tape drive for the HP J6750.

If you want any more info or config info leave me a message..


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