BWD 506 oscilloscope

This weekend I rescued an Australian made CRT oscilloscope.
The scope uses a lot of Australian made components as well, back when australia made stuff.
This scope was made in the 1970's and uses an Phillips made 130mm CRT(green phosphor).

Specs are:
- DC-15 MHz Single Channel Oscilloscope
- Time base: 200 ns/cm to 2 s/cm in 22 steps
- Input Impedance: 1 MΩ||35 pF

I've done some basic checks before I tried to turn it on, inside the scope is in good shape.
Fair bit of dust, some surface corrosion on the legs of some parts, no leaking capacitors!

I plan to service and clean the unit to try get it back to original state.
Expect more blog posts on this unit and my repairs of it.

I've taken a few photo's of how I got the unit.



Right hand inside:
RH inside

Aus made capacitor:
Aus made cap

Initial power on:
Power on


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