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Rescued an Australian made CRT oscilloscope

Earthly templates with a focus on MicroPython firmware building

U2F setup for lightdm login/screensaver

U2F setup for sudo

YubiKey GPG setup updated

YubiKey version 5 initial setup

DepthAI USB setup and demo on Linux

LilyGO TTGO T8 and Micropython

MicroPython ESP32 modules and Gitlab

NMEA faker, A micropython project

Micropython and ESP32 custom firmware

Custom router based on OpenBSD

Reducing fan speed on the Sun T5120

Glibc on IA64 and gdb debugging

Sending your keys to a key server

Yubikey's and GPG clients

Import subkeys onto yubikey neo

Configuring and securing the Yubikey neo

Custom system rescue cd to support pcsc/smartcards

Creating secure GPG keys with subkeys

Rooted Alcatel-Lucent GPON ONT devices

SSL everywhere, HSTS and nginx

Using the Android SDK with out Eclipse

IR-Blower Client/Server IR device control

Audio-GD headphone AMP and DAC

MicroNova FPGA

Custom Audio Cables

Fiio x3 portable music player

Nvidia drivers with Linux Kernel 3.10, the work around

Graphite and Gentoo

Updating stand alone ESXi

New Blog layout and Backend

Saleae Logic -- Gentoo Linux

Owncloud on Centos with nginx and mysql

Shenzhen Electronics Market

Cowan iAudio x5 repair

HP's PCI web console card a5858a -- setup guide

Buring xgd3 and xgd2 xbox360 games on linux

New system!

Arduino 1.0 and Gentoo

XSPC RayStorm on ASUS Maximus IV Gene-Z

New Rack

Cisco DDNS with namecheep

OpenVMS 8.3 Starting out..

OpenVMS remove expired licences from LMF

Arduino and Gentoo

Zimbra Copy to Amazon S3

Zimbra Cold backup script

Zimbra OSE Migration hints and tips

Zimbra OSE 7, Java tuning for OpenVZ instance

Gentoo as a OpenVPN Client

Set up OpenVPN on Centos 5

Gentoo on the Lenovo Thinkpad Edge 13" Intel

Moving Countries

Nice rack...

Nearline backup, using cheep storage and ZFS via FUSE

SVN with web View -- Gentoo Build

Itanium 2, I've got one

Zimbra OCS on a OpenVZ VPS Server

IBM HS20 Blade - Gentoo Install

IBM QS20; Fedora upgrade guide

IBM QS20; Firmware Update

IBM QS20 -- Linux Install

Systems Archive, Part 5 Sun Enterprise 3000

Whats this...

USB 20x4 LCD

A wonderful surprise

Systems Archive, Part 4 Sun Netra T1 - 105

Systems Archive, Part 2 Sun Sparc 5

Systems Archive, Part 3 Sun Ultrasparc Creator 2

Systems Archive, Part 1 Sun Sparc LX

HP PA-RISC J6750 -- Installing Gentoo Linux

PIC Based Web Server

Genelec 8020a

IBM IntelliStation POWER 9114 Model 275 -- adding a tape drive

BIND -- Gentoo Install and Configure

Sun Netra X1 5v Fan Mod

HP-UX GSP Card - Power Mod

PCB is Online

Finaly! my new speakers..

Gentoo x86 USB boot stick from ISO

Updating HP P400 SAS raid card Firmware via Linux

Sunblade 1500, password protected PROM

PCB , The New i7 Build

ps3vram and updated and optimized kernel for the PS3

PS3.. As if you would use that for games..

QS 20 Serial Port

Nixie Tube Clock

Cisco 3500 Fan Mod

Cisco 3500xl Updating IOS

IBM Blade Center E

/bin/sh -> bash :(

Purest Feeling..

Sun Netra X1 -- Netbooting and Installing Solaris 10/08

Solaris 10 Base Line Configuration

Solaris 10 10/08 On the Sun Sparc Enterprise 3000

Fan Speed Reduction Circuit

IDE disk boot disk for Netra T1

Netra T1 7v PSU Fan mod

Sun Sparc PROM commands and booting the system

SCRIPT -- Rip CD to Flac in Linux automated

Script -- Transencode Flac to Mp3 + tag rewrite

Script -- Transencode flac to ogg in Linux automated

Setting Up A Netboot Enviroment on Gentoo For OpenBSD

Norgate and the cheap Sun